Lola Cosmetics Comigo Ninguem Pode Cowash 450 grs

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Cleansing conditioner light formula for all hair types.
With 25% plant extracts and melaleuca and sunflower oils, they provide shine and softness.
I help retain moisture and protect hair from future damage, such as breakage and dryness.
Suitable for the curly method.

Co-wash. It replaces the traditional shampoo and is ideal for hair that has undergone bleaching processes and dry strands, with split and brittle ends. With emollients, it cleanses hair without drying it out.

With hair completely damp, apply a small amount of Me No One Can Universal Cleanser on your palms and spread it all over the scalp.
Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips like a conventional shampoo. Rinse.
Then add a generous amount of product to the length and ends, carefully detangle the hair using your fingers or with a wide tooth comb and rinse well. Repeat the operation only if you feel the need to further cleanse the scalp.
Do not massage the scalp before moistening it completely.

FORMAT: 450gr