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Pharmanex TR90 30 Day Kit - Lemon

Pharmanex TR90 30 Day Kit - Lemon

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TR90 30 Day Kit: 30 Day Weight Loss Program

Your (short-term) transformation starts here.

Want to get in shape for your next vacation? Want to boost your workouts in preparation for an upcoming sporting event? Or do you just want to try the TR90 experience before making a long-term commitment to the full 90-day program? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this 30 day weight loss plan is for you.

Discover the TR90 30 Day Kit, a playful wellness program designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

TR90 empowers you to achieve your short-term weight control goals in just 30 days. How ? By targeting the daily habits that are holding you back. You'll be prepared to avoid unnecessary calories by keeping an eye on your calorie intake. You'll optimize your diet with herbal supplements that pair perfectly with delicious meal planning.

What do they contain?

In the kit you will find the following items:
1 x TR90 JS
1 x TR90 Complex C
1 x TR90 Complex F
30 x TR90 M-Bars Lemon Crisp

Capacity/Net weight

TR90 JS: 1 box - 15 sachets (37g)
TR90 Complex F: 1 bottle - 120 capsules (63g)
TR90 Complex C: 1 bottle - 90 capsules (52g)
TR90 M-Bars: 1 M-Bar Lemon Crisp (59g)

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