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Pharmanex TR90 Complex C CAPACITY 90 CAPSULES

Pharmanex TR90 Complex C CAPACITY 90 CAPSULES

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Plant food supplement

Whether you prefer to take it alone or with the rest of the TR90 Wellbeing Programme, this tart cherry food supplement will provide you with the benefits of sour cherry powder (Prunus cerasus), cocoa and pomegranate.

With its convenient capsules, Complex C makes it easy to include this wonderful ingredient in your diet. No longer will you accidentally stain yourself while juicing in a hurry and no longer have to force yourself to drink sour cherry juice twice a day! Just take the capsules with you and take one with a glass of water three times a day just before meals. How about using the Pharmanex pill box?

Each capsule will be the icing on the cake for your meal!

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