SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil

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Natural anti-cellulite dry oil. Refines and reshapes the silhouette.

SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil is a natural anti-cellulite product developed to treat areas of the body affected by cellulite and excess fat. It refines and softens the silhouette, absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin and is ideal for daily use, even for the most active women.

A pleasant and subtle aroma.

SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil is a mixture of carefully selected products:

  • Natural and organic oils – light and hydrating, always cold pressed.
  • Cold pressed coffee butter.
  • A proven patented formula with a natural active ingredient capable of refining the body silhouette.
  • With regular use, the product corrects orange peel skin while helping to eliminate body fat and prevent it from growing again.
  • A unique natural ingredient with a light texture that allows for quick and easy absorption of oils.
  • Natural vitamin E.

Why SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil

  • Absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin.
  • Slims your silhouette.
  • Fights cellulite.
  • Firms, refreshes and regenerates the skin.
  • Stimulates detoxification.
  • Pure, natural and full of organic ingredients.