SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil

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Natural dry oil for the treatment of stretch marks with a beneficial effect for dry and aging skin.

Stretch Mark Dry Oil is an all-natural dry oil that is effective in the fight against stretch marks and recommended for use on dehydrated and aging skin.

With its sweet tangerine scent and light texture, the dry oil absorbs quickly into the skin and is perfect for everyday use, even for the busiest women or mothers-to-be.

This dry oil is a blend of carefully selected ingredients:

  • Cold-pressed organic oils – light, gentle and nourishing.
  • Unique, patented and all-natural active ingredient, containing an extract of white lupine seeds, stimulating the production of high quality collagen for improved elasticity proven.
  • Special all-natural, light-textured ingredients that ensure quick and easy absorption.
  • Natural vitamin E

Why choose Stretch Mark Dry Oil

  • Absorbs quickly and deeply.
  • Helps reduce the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as in case of rapid weight change or sudden growth.
  • Stimulates the production of high quality collagen in the skin.
    – Rejuvenates dehydrated and aging skin.
  • Can be used during pregnancy.
  • Can be used on delicate or sensitive skin.
  • Rejuvenates dehydrated and aging skin.