Yobludi - Menstrual Panties

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Model that perfectly combines the practical part of menstrual panties with a touch of sensual and subtle lace.

Period panties are an underrated and revolutionary option in the menstrual product market. It is ideal to feel a feeling of comfort and absolute freedom during your period. Don't worry about possible stains because with your Yobludi menstrual panties, there will be no activity that you will have to deprive yourself of for fear of a possible leak.

Features: Antibacterial, breathable, durable, quick drying.

Care and Cleaning:

Before the first use, wash your menstrual panties well by hand or in the washing machine to activate their absorption.

After each use, rinse with cold water to remove all blood from your period panties and put them in the toiletry bag. You can wash your panties with the rest of your laundry without any problem or you have the option of washing them by hand.

WARNING! Do not wash your items at more than 30º and do not use bleach or fabric softeners. In addition, it is not recommended to use greasy soaps such as Marseille, or detergents containing fabric softener.


S- Hip contour 86-97 cm.
M- Hip contour 97-104 cm.
L - Hip contour 104-112 cm.
XL - Hip circumference 112-119 cm.
XXL - Hip circumference 119-127 cm.
XXXL - Hip contour 127-135 cm.