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Nu Skin

NU SKIN Sunright 50

NU SKIN Sunright 50

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Now you can expect more from your sunscreen. Excessive sun exposure can have undesirable consequences, including the premature appearance of visible signs of aging on the skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles. This product protects your skin with a waterproof formula, not at all greasy, and offers high UVA / UVB protection to help protect you from the visible effects of aging caused by the sun. Achieve youthful-looking skin with Nu Skin Sunright 50.

main Features
Astaxanthin (extracted from Hematococcus pluvialis): helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors. This powerful antioxidant helps protect the skin from the visible effects associated with UV exposure.
Physalis angulata extract: helps soothe the skin during UV exposure.
Aloe vera, bisabolol and panthenol: hydrate and soothe the skin.

Apply a generous amount to cover all exposed areas 15 minutes before sun exposure. Applying less product will significantly reduce the level of protection. Reapply often to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming or toweling off. Don't stay out in the sun too long, even if you're using sunscreen. Protect babies and young children from direct sunlight. Overexposure to the sun is a serious health hazard
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