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Pharmanex TR90 Complex F CAPACITY 120 CAPSULES

Pharmanex TR90 Complex F CAPACITY 120 CAPSULES

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Plant food supplement

Whether you take it as part of the TR90 Wellbeing Program or on its own, this herbal supplement is ideal for everyday use.

Each capsule is designed to prepare you for the transformation you want. This supplement contains a blend of ingredients including citrus, onion, grape, cayenne pepper, blood orange, and green tea extract.

This green tea extract is known for the invigorating sensation it provides. Its toning properties can contribute to your physical well-being while protecting your cells against oxidative stress. That means it can help you look and feel great, inside and out!

Coming in convenient capsules, Complex F makes it easy and comfortable to include this wonderful ingredient in your diet. Store it in the Pharmanex Pillbox to take it with you wherever you go!

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