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Thuya Eyelash Perfect Look Kit (LASHES)

Thuya Eyelash Perfect Look Kit (LASHES)

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Lashes help protect our eyes from external aggressions. Therefore, they are one of the most important elements of our face. In addition to their protective function, they exert an implicit power: a single glance can determine our state of mind.

At Thuya Professional Line they have developed a new 2 in 1 pack that enhances, shapes and tints eyelashes to achieve perfect eyelashes. This is the new Eyelash Perfect Look Kit.

It is very important that a product that we apply in an area as delicate as the eyelashes is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Plus, our tints incorporate argan (which adds shine and strength), keratin (which repairs, strengthens and prevents split ends) and use long-lasting pigments.

The eyelash perm will shape our lashes with a more pronounced curvature to enhance our look naturally. That's why the new pack improves the look so that it is no longer necessary to use mascara and get smudged.

For the application process, the essential products contained in this 2 in 1 kit are:

6 Service Single Dose Eyelash Perm Kit

• 1 bluish black dye 14 ml

• Special Liquid Dye Solution 60ml

• Turmeric makeup remover 100 ml

• Crystal Bucket

• Brush

Show off a dramatic look with immediate results that last for two months. Dazzle with your Thuya looks, show divine lashes.

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